viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Spanish Class

Always whenever I go somewhere new or different and I don't know anyone, I expect to be a little awkward, get a little lonely, and to tell myself to take some time to adjust and get used to transition.
But, by golly, so far everything has been great!

Here's the school. We would have class outside in the yard.

Monday marked my first day of classes. After an easy going morning of breakfast, reading, and lunch, I strolled over to the school and spent the first few hours talking and learning about the good old past subjunctive (which did not leave out the delightful imperative) with the director of the school. If I hadn't engaged too seriously in Spanish conversation since arriving in Guatemala, this conversation really kicked my butt. It was good.

Here's my teacher, Shawn and I at the top of Cerro de la Cruz.  It was a nice little hike and gives a great view of Antigua.

After class we talked and I decided to switch my classes to the mornings instead of the afternoons. This way I could go to the afternoon activities which were really fun according to the other students. Plus, I wanted to get out and try new things.

This was at a really pretty bird watching park called Paraíso Azul

It was quite the hike up Paraíso Azul but it was definitely beautiful
Monday evening, I got a drink with the other girl who lives in the same host family. She's from Germany and so were her friends who met up with us. They talked about how they came here, what they loved about it, and of course dating Guatemalans. Over all its amazing to me how I've been crossing so many cultures besides Guatemalan culture since being here.  Along with many German travelers I've met a student from Norway and another from Australia. Also the school has a pleasant mix of ages. Although most of us are 20 somethings, there are some who are older with adult children and grandchildren. Its inspiring to get to know this generation that takes on adventure and learning and traveling.

Tuesday through Thursday I had morning class from 8-1 with a different teacher. He's very good and we've had really good conversations. I like the way he teaches. After brushing up on a few grammar rules or concepts, we would read an article and talk about it. We've had some pretty dense conversations about divorce, poverty, alcoholism, illiteracy, and foreign business. Although I'm taking a class to better my Spanish, I feel I've learned so much and have really thought about important issues through our talks.

In the afternoons, a few other students, some teachers, and I have gone on different hikes to see what there is to see in and around Antigua. I really enjoyed all the walking and nature. It’s been perfect.

In the evenings I've had fun hanging out with the other students. One night we played Spanish scrabble and another night we went to see X-Men. If I didn't stick around the school where other students lived, I spent a relaxing night at my host family's house.

Overall it’s been a really great week. This afternoon Shawn (the other volunteer) and I are going to the orphanage. I'm really excited to see what the orphanage is like and to meet the other volunteers. I really want to meet my kids, but I don't know if that will happen this weekend or after all the orientation business. I'm really curious and I'm really excited.

Being in Antigua and taking a language course for a week has been great, but I feel like moving to the orphanage is the real start to this year. I will be going to my new home for the next 13 months for the first time. I will finally get to see, feel, and smell this place I've been thinking and dreaming about for so long. I will finally meet people I've either only read about or emailed. It’s that strange realization that even though I'm going to meet strangers, I know they will be a huge part of my daily life from now on.

P.S. Hope you enjoy the new background Shawn :P

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  1. Miss you Steph, but glad that you are there to experience what God has in store for you.