sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

Hey there, here's some highlights from the past few weeks.

My occupational workshop has been fun and I've been enjoying coming up with ideas.  The best one this week I think was our spaghetti art project.  I've done this at camp before, and it turned out to be really fun.  We used spahetti mixed with finger paint and threw it at big pieces of paper taped on the side of the house.  Here's some pics :)

Our beautiful artwork

My class is going well.  Some days or periods go really well and some are a bit more of a challenge - all to be expected.  The kids really look forward to the special classes like physical education, music, and the library.  This coming week we should be starting the religion class too.  The other teacher and I are talking about planning a special water fun Friday some week because we are entering the hotter summer season.  Here's some pics from the music class.  They're so fun.

We've been participating in a really cool latino Catholic tradition these past couple weeks call Via Crucis.  Its a service type thing every Friday afternoon leading up to Easter.  A different group is in charge of coordinating it each week.  We go through the stages Jesus went through leading up to his death on the cross.  The group in charge has someone dressed as Jesus, Pilot, soldiers, Mary and mourning women.  They lead everyone in a procession around campus and stop at different stations to reenact a moment, like Jesus getting arrested or nailed to the cross, to read a passage, to say a prayer, and then to continue the procession.  A different kid volunteers to help Jesus carry the cross each time.  In between stations, a different group leads everyone in hymns.  I think this is a super cool tradition and an impactful way to reflect on Jesus' death and resurrection.  This past Friday it was my section's turn to lead and I'm one of the mourning women.

I'm the one all the way to the right

Life has been really good and really fast.  Until next time :)

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