domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Mother Nature's Son

So things have settled down since all the craziness of April.  Instead of going through big events (and I apologize for the horrible haikus but I had little other choice...) or go through everyday stuff, I thought I'd just share some good moments.

So, my heart melted in music class one day.  Leo, who I'm just crazy about, has cerebral palsey, uses a wheel chair, and has a great sense of humor.  Anyway, we were all dancing in music class and everyone is kind of dancing to their own groove.  Lupe, another great kid, was dancing away and Leo smoothly turns toward her and extends his hand like his gentleman self and she accepts.  They dance together and it definitely warmed my heart.

me and Lupe

Another day, I was working with a couple girls with especial needs and language.  They both need an easy pace, but especially one seems to have a hard time grasping school stuff.  We were trying to find words that began with the letter "n" and she showed me a word that started with the letter "m", but before I could say anything she runs up to the board and points to the letter "m" I had written along with other letters.  Then I asked her what sound it makes and she made the "mmm" sound (she's nonverbal).  That was so exciting!  Many times, answers to questions turn into lots of guessing, but in this moment she was confident and knew it!

Carlitos en school

One day with my workshop with all the kids with disabilities and their tios, we used a huge parachute for our physical/exercise activity.  We did an activity where one person sits in the middle and everyone walks in a circle, wrapping up the person in the middle with the parachute.  When the person is pretty wrapped up, everyone pulls and runs in the other direction, making the middle person spin out.  The kids loved it and all wanted a turn, but what really got my attention is that the tios and tias were laughing and having a good time too.  The caregivers have a hard job, and I feel like if they can have fun and enjoy what they're doing, the kids are going to keep having fun and my workshop won't just be extra work.  It was encouraging :)

And just for the record, I have the most amazing mom in the world.  I love you!!  And to all of you who are mothers, power to you, must be the hardest job in the world.

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