sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

hey lovely blog readers... if you're still there...

I totally wrote this blog over a week ago, but somehow I never published it... well here it is.

so its been about a month - I know that's pretty bad.  And as the days and events pile up, I get more and more intimidated (more like lazy...) to write about all the Guatemalan adventures.

So, instead of continuing to run away or writing a mini-novel no one is going to get through, I'll just be short and sweet and hope that I'll blog more often in the future.  Thank you for being patient through this disclaimer.

So, vacation was fantastic.  To sum it up, we got to do everything that we wanted to do, do it for pretty cheap, and almost every last minute spontaneous plan worked out.  I've never traveled in such a way.  We went kayaking, hiking, horse-backriding, and site-seeing.  We saw a sacred lagoon, boated through a canyon, climbed a Mayan pyramid thousands of years old.  We ate Mexican, Argentinian, Mayan, Indian, and U.S. food.  We saw a ton of churches, museums, hot springs, and even a chocolate factory.  We met cool and interesting people and enjoyed nights of salsa and local reggae bands.  To see pictures of it all, please refer to my facebook page.  To read more, please visit Charlotte's blog.  She's a lot more disciplined than I am... lavidaguatemalteca.blogspot.com

A part from that amazing vacation, the other big news is that the new volunteers are here!!  Already six months have gone by and a new batch came in.  We're transitioning from new to old volunteers, weird.  On the whole, the new group seems really cool and I'm excited to get to know them better.  They are almost done with their two week orientation... I'm remember those days.

well, as they say here sometimes "hasta pronto!" meaning I hope to write again sooner than later.  I hope you all are well!

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